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This is Kevin Krumplebottom, a sour old man with corn teeth and vinegar breath. He hobbles when he walks and wrinkles when he sits, and to the best that I can recall, was surly just about every moment of the day. I met Mr Krumplebottom when I was just a fresh faced young cartoonist hungrily seeking out the beginnings of a career in comics. I must have been 19 or 20, with dreams far bigger than my talents could muster. In my pursuit I was directed to Mr Krumplebottom for advice in starting up a business for my art. I remember doing my best impression of a professional, dressed neat and nice with my little business card and idea pad, showing up on time for the meeting and being led in by the secretary. With a quick cordial hello and a moment of overview. Mr Krumplebottom grumbled a bit and splayed about in his chair like a sack of loose potatoes, before finally leaning forward and postulating that “There is no money to be made in Art. You should do anything but become an artist…. “ “In FACT,” he opined… “you should become an accountant!”

It was a very short meeting. Mr Krumplebottom, thanks for the advice. I don’t think I could have become an artist without you!


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