Spiderman and Venom – Watercolor Sketch

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I had fun at the Abilene show yesterday hanging out with my friends from the Lubbock Sketchclub, and getting to hang with the Abilene SketchClub guys some too. Dinner was great! Other than that, it was a decent show, but I didn’t make much money at all. I was surprised actually. Just about everyone I talked to had the same experience. Lots of people showed, but very few spent money. It was probably because it was a charity event. I’m glad I went though.

I spent the last few hours doing this watercolor sketch of Spiderman and Venom. I think its a good rough sketch for a finished painting. Some of that anatomy is just really wonky on both characters. but I like some of the paint effects I was getting and I really want to try a full painting version.


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