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TV spots | The Art of Will Terrell


TV spots

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My artwork has been featured on TV in 3 different places in the last week!!! I keep forgetting to mention it here, but I am very excited about it. First off, my “One Guy from Italy” caricature was featured on a food for thought segment last week on NBC/ KCBD. (thanks to my sister Heather for recording that so I could check it out) Dario looks so proud flipping the pizza dough and doing his best impression of the illustration. Lol.

Then the T-shirts I designed for Operation Paperback were shown on LISD tv for a segment they did. (Thanks Maria for the headsup on that one!)

Then there’s THIS One that was sent to me tonight from FOX 34 news. I did a caricature of their newscasters for them to use for a coloring contest. I of course didnt get credit for it, but oh well. Its something else to put on my press reel.

Anyways, I just wanted to share that.


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