Artwork Update – Lubbock Comic Book Expo!

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I havent posted any art in a while. Not that I havent been doing any. Its just been really REALLY busy lately. This is a t-shirt design someone commissioned me to do for a LiveStrang cancer run. I wasnt sure what cancer was supposed to look like. Or a t-cell for that matter. So I just went with what came to mind. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

If you’re in Lubbock… I did these bookmark designs for Operation Paperback. Its a charity organization that takes paperback books and ships them to troops in Afganastan and Iraq. The sales from these bookmarks will go to “Communities in Schools” and to the SketchClub “Young at Art” after-school program. They’ll be available to buy at Barnes and Nobles here starting May 3rd.

And of course… . you may have seen this image around town….

Its for Lubbock’s first Comic Book Expo! Coming up next Saturday (May 3rd!) Make sure you set aside the day and come support the Lubbock Comics community!


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