My Name is Earl – Caricature

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I love this show!  “Whats Karma?”  “I don’t know… its something Carson Daly came up with.”

I did this as a warm-up this morning.

–Will Terrell

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  1. CarysWeldonblog says:

    Hi, Will.
    I had to come looking for your website after meeting you at Aggiecon.

    You are SO talented. I sent the link to your website to Stefani Kelsey, my editor at Mojocastle Press, as I promised. It would be great if you could do some cover art for my books!

  2. jennybrat says:

    Hi Will, I surfed by after seeing your comment on Cary’s blog. Hope we’ll have a chance to see your work on bookcovers!

  3. Will Terrell says:

    I’m looking for to it! Thanks for the support. Keep smiling!

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