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Random Sketch Dump | The Art of Will Terrell


Random Sketch Dump

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I’ve done tons of art this month. Just haven’t had time to post them. This is no where near all that I’ve done. But these are the highlights.

Fat Unicorn. I’d love to take credit for this, but the credit goes to a brilliant 11th grader at Lubbock High that did this as a sculpture. I wish I’d bought it. I’ve never last so hard in my life. I saw this when I was teaching my digital painting class a few weeks back and had to record it for posterity.

Speaking of the digital painting class. This is the demo I did in class. Took about half an hour. Thanks to everyone that came out to that. I’ll set up another class soon.

This is one of several painting commissions I did last week. My friend closed down his framing shop and gave me a big stack of matte board, they’re coming in really handy for doing these quick painting commissions. This is Animation Cell paint on black matte board. About half an hour.

I did this illo for my clowns. I think its an image for their website. It turns out they’ve got a 22 year old daughter who’s a clown too. And she’s been a clown since she was like 7. That’s super cool. I did a whole bunch of other drawings for them last week, I’ll probably eventually upload those here to show.

This was a quick warm up sketch from last week that I liked. The hands a little jacked, but I like the ambience.

This is a digital painting I did of my friend Corianna when we were hanging out the week before last. I think it turned out pretty good. I’m still learning. The hand is jacked. And the hair doesnt quite look natural. I’ll get it one of these days.

And of course sketches of women. Cant get enough of ’em.

Ok.. Well I’ll do a better job of updating regularly next month. March was pretty awesome. Getting a lot of work completed these days. Keep smiling!

–Will Terrell

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  1. spencerlindsay says:

    Hey Will,

    Browsing your excellent artwork (linked in from Francis) and found the clown image. Check out the similarities man! http://spencerlindsay.com/podFora/photog/zow.jpg

    Life imitates Will’s Art.


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