"Death and Sandman" – 11×17, cell paint.

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I started this painting about 3 years ago. I drew the figures and partially painted them. Then got stuck. I was feeling artistic tonight after the store signing and when my first painting messed up (I ended up finishing it too after this one) I still wanted to paint so I grabbed this one that’s been laying around the studio hurting my feelings since ’03. It feels great to tie up old unfinished business, doesnt it. I think it turned out pretty well too.

–Will Terrell

2 Responses to "Death and Sandman" – 11×17, cell paint.

  1. Anna Corbitt says:

    Got a teeny tiny version of this today @ Comicpalooza. I love it! So glad I found this little treasure this afternoon. 😀

  2. will terrell says:

    Thanks! I’m really glad you liked it, and things for stopping by the booth!

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