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Manifestation | The Art of Will Terrell



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I’ve been doing a lot of research on goal-setting lately. In fact its been a couple weeks that I’ve been researching and writing out these goals. A lot of this is Tony Robbins, some is NLP, some is EFT, and also a few books I’ve picked up over the years.


I believe goal setting is the key to success. I heard once about a survey of a graduating class at Yale back in the 50’s. Of all the people surveyed, only about 3% replied that they had clear goals for their lives. Meaning, they had sets of goals for 1, 3, 5, 7, 10, 20 years and so on in their lives. A roadmap for success. 30 years later someone followed up on the survey. And most responded that they’d had success in their lives. But there was one clear distinction of this group. Of everyone in the class, the 3% that had their goal plans, had more wealth individually, than the entire rest of the class COMBINED!

“If you do not have goals for yourself. You are destined to serve the goals of others.”

Manifestation is an interesting thing. No one seems to quite understand it yet. There is just something about committing yourself to paper. But it basically comes down to this… “Ask and you shall recieve.” Essentially what goal setting is. But how you go about doing this is still tricky. You cannot demand. Nor can you control how the goals will come about. God has his own way of making stuff happen. So you’re best off to let him fill in the blanks.

(Why am I writing about this? I suppose, its because if you’re at the right place in your life for this, it’s my duty to pass it on. So here goes… )

Getting Started

You’re 12 years old. You’re writing out your christmas list. And there is no doubt in your mind that whatever goes on this list will be under the tree Christmas morning. You scratch and scribble meticulously until the list is perfect BECAUSE you know it will be under that tree, and you want to get this right. That my friend is faith. Childlike enthusiasm. That is the mindset you need when you set these goals. This is not to be confused with Entitlement which will make your life a living hell, and lead you to bitterness and resentment.

“A goal is simply a dream with a date attached to it.”

To start, write out your personal goals. Mental – Emotional – Social – Spiritual – Physical – Career – Love. Brain storm, let your mind wander. Write down anything and everything. And then, beside each one write a number, representing when you will achieve these goals. 1, 3, 5, 10, etc years… And then you take your top three One-year goals.

Now the important part. On a separate sheet of paper, write out these top three goals and write out a full paragraph describing exactly why you are absolutely committed to achieving them. You have to really get to the core of it. You have to find your purpose.


If you’ve had trouble achieving goals in the past. It is most likely not your drive, ambition or dedication. It usually means you have impotent goals. Wanting something just to want it is not a goal. It is a neurosis. You have to know why you want it. It may be because of the way it will make you feel. Or because of what it will do for your life, for your family, friends, loved ones. It may be because it will make you feel fulfilled, secure, happy. Everyone has their own motivations. Its up to you to understand them.

How is not as important. This goes back to the faith thing. Asking how it will happen, in a way, is the opposite of faith. It is not important. What matters is not whether you know how yet. Nor whether the timeline is reasonable. But whether or not you are absolutely committed to having these goals happen. The more committed to them you are, the sooner you’ll reach them.


After you’ve done your Personal goals. You write a list of “Thing” goals. This is the material representation of success. Cars, boats, homes, islands, planes, busineses, (pirate ships). There is nothing wrong with wanting things, as long as things are not your motivation for living. Purpose is stronger than objects. Again, you have to know why. It is not about having things it’s about the feelings you think you’ll get from them. What will it mean? What will you be able to share? How much fun will it create for you?

Again, prioritize by year, and find your top three 1-year goals and write out why you are absolutely committed to achieving these goals.

Financial Goals

The last part is writing out financial goals. Annual income, Net worth, realistate, investments, properties, retirement, savings, etc… anything having to do with money. Then prioritize, and find the why’s.

If you want to take this all to the next level, you’ll find the reasons why for everything on your list. The people that go that far with it seem to be the ones at the absolute pinnacle of success. But if you’re skeptical… this list of nine goals is a good introduction.


Now you’ve got your 9. And you ask yourself How will it feel if all 9 goals within a year are attained? Like a badass, huh? And if you’re like me, you start pulling out these goals that you’ve had since you were a little kid. The kind of stuff you put away because it seemed unrealistic, or childish. But now to me they make perfect sense. Even more than the first time I dreamed them up. And I get excited, giddy even, at the thought of achieving my goals. It’s only been a few days, but I could see waking up every morning with this sort of passion. I am fucking inspired! And I have no doubt that these dreams will come.

My first experience with manifestation was about 4 years ago. On a whim I wrote out a list of 27 things I would do before I turned 27. I wrote the list with this childlike enthusiasm. And I put it away. Looking back at it every few weeks or so. Eventually letting it slip out of sight completely. A few months back I ran across this list again and 20 out of the 27 were things I could now check off. That’s pretty remarkable considering if I’d not written the list I KNOW I wouldn’t have done most of those things. And it wasn’t that I was trying… it was as though the universe was fulfilling the list for me. That is the power of programming.

Anyways… this is long enough. I hope it helps someone out there. Let me know if it does.


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