Gargoyles Posters and Sketch Cards

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My friend David Hedgecock drew these images of Goliath and Demona to promote the new Disney/Slave Labor Graphics Gargoyles books for the upcoming convention season.  I colored them up today, they’re going to end up being 6 foot tall displays for the booth.  Hopefully I’m allowed to share these since they’re not part of the actual book and are mostly promotional material. I’ve really enjoyed working on Gargoyles. I loved this show!

Goliath from GargoylesDemona from Gargoyles

And this is a drawing of Hudson that is going to be 1 of 3 sketch card designs we’re printing for the conventions to hand out to people to get free sketches done. They’re really great PR. I did about 200 sketches when I was promoting the gulliver comic at Wizard World Dallas. It’s great experience.

Hudson postcard


5 Responses to Gargoyles Posters and Sketch Cards

  1. Bill Drastal Blog Mode!! says:

    The colros on these are awesome dude. Are you guys coming to San Diego?

  2. The Gaber's Sketchblog says:

    You did a great job on these. Photoshop ain’t easy to get a painted look with it.

  3. nothing says:

    sweet work man.

  4. Julie Raven says:

    Do want now.

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