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Deadline! | The Art of Will Terrell



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Last week was a nightmare. I was knocking out pages Mon-Wed and working to hit 6 pages by the weekend. When I get blindsided by an edit that means I’ll have to rework the last 7 pages of the book. I thought I could handle it, but it really knocked the wind out of me. So I took the weekend to regroup and recharge. I can still make my deadline, which I’m stoked about, because I’ve made it this far. When I started I was terrified I was gonna choke. But I didnt! Monday is a new round and I’m gonna make this happen. Then it’s on to issue two. And I’m gonna be way ahead of the curve on this next issue. I guess this is what they mean by learning to roll with the punches.

One thing I’ve learned, for all those of you out there wanting to do comics… deadlines are a good thing. At least if you’re getting paid. Deadlines never seemed to work for me when I wasn’t getting paid to do this. But not now. It’s a real drive and a real pressure to get it done. I’ve learned more in the last two months about making comics than I did with the two dozen or so comics I’d published before this. One piece of advice though, keep a timechart of your hours and what you do each day. It’s helped me immensely to see how many hours – at first, that I “wasn’t” spending working – then, how many I was wasting on too little productivity – to finally, a reasonable amount of time per page, per day.

Now to work. Five pages in 6 days. I can do this.


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  1. nothing says:

    You can do it! Train hard, take your vitamins and say your prayers brother! Be a true Hulk-a-maniac!

  2. Will Terrell says:

    see– Everytime I read that a small part of me wants to rip my shirt in half and go beat up the neighbor. I’ve resisted, fortunately, nearly every time. That one guy had it coming.

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