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Brush Sketches | The Art of Will Terrell


Brush Sketches

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I bought a few brush markers for the con and a ream of Lazor paper. So I’ve been doing a lot of little brush sketches lately. My main weakness in creating comics is that I overfocus on minutia. I do it because I never know where to stop. It’s such a problem that I dread having to do layouts. I overthink the pages and take too long to get them done.

My fascination/obsession with storytelling is in discovering the unknown. It’s the thing that’s driven me all these years to create. I love exploring places no one has ever seen, or possibly even imagined. And I am infatuated with the idea of actually being able to take other people to those places. But my problem has been that I’ve never been able to draw the line (so to speak) between discovering the fantasies and relating them to the real world. The irony is that problem wasn’t only consistant in my art.

I figure the first step to breaking through this anxiety is by sketching scenes from real life. Anything that tells a story or developes a character in a single image. A conversation, a movement, an action, body language. Every image should be a servant to the story. And I’m finding it easier to leave out the minutia.


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  1. nothing says:

    sweet drawings dude.

  2. Bill Drastal Blog Mode!! says:

    Awesome stuff man. There’s aot you can learn from just drawing with a pen or brush. I feel like I use pencil to much, and It’s becoming a crutch.

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