Q and A videos and interviews

Well, I’ve had lots of opportunities to talk about myself lately. If you’ve ever wanted to know about my career or hear answers to some of the questions I get asked a lot, you should check out these videos!

This first video is an interview I did with a fantastic person and an amazing artist named Sycra! I had so much fun in this interview, we probably laughed for about 30 minutes before the interview even started. And it was great to be able to pick his brain about doing videos and such. I’ve learned a lot! ANd he asked great questions. I feel like this is one of the better interviews I’ve done.

These next two videos are Q and A that I did over the Texas Comic Con weekend in June with my friend Brandon Adkins. I had people tweet me their questions and I did my best to answer them. It actually spilled over into a Bonus Q and A video since there was so much.

lets just hope I’m done talking about myself for a while.

Old school comics – Bethy Gloom

Way back in the day I used to self-publish comics under the name Lucid Comics. From 1996 to 2004, I published somewhere in the area of 30 comics. Most of them other people’s work. It was a good (although often painful) learning experience. Looking back it was not the best use of my time, money and energy. But it is the path I went down. It definitely taught me a lot about people. Though I wish it had taught me more about drawing comics, HAHA!

One of the first comics I was able to actually finish as an artist was a book called Bethy Gloom. It was created by an old friend of mine, Rod Neely Requero, who is a genius at coming up with clever ideas. This story was about “a little goth girl that turns into a fairy princess.” The idea pretty much sells itself. But, other than a couple of mini comics, it never really came to be.

I was asked recently by an old friend to dig up some images from the book, but all I could find were a few beat up copies of the mini-comic. Since I am scanning the book anyways, I thought I’d share it with you all.

You can download the PDF HERE! (right click and save as to download)

I can still remember drawing every single one of these pages, where I was, who I was with.. sometimes even what I was thinking at the time. Lots of history in this book.

While I’m at it, I recently posted another “Old Sketchbooks video” The sketchbooks in this video are from a little after the time of making this first Bethy Gloom comic, and actually closer to the time of making the second (and last) version. Still, I find it insteresting to see all the sketches that went into making a book.


Victorian Secret Agents pin up giveaway contest

Now that the first issue is out, we’re going to have a little fun with it!

If you’ve picked up YOUR copy of Victorian Secret Agents: Owls of the Ironwork Isle, take a Pic of you with the new book and send it to us! Either by Email: email@ironowls.com or tweet @willterrell We’ll put you in the drawing to win this lovely pin-up from Owls artist Will Terrell…



Also, check out this video of Will creating this lovely piece of art!

Owls of the Ironwork isle 1 IN STORES NOW!


I have been working on this book with my creative partner Stephen Phillips since back in November and it is now on store shelves! The art printed very well I think. Its weird, I can print out pages all I want, but it never feels like a comic until its actually IN a comic!

We will be doing a store signing next Wednesday April 24th at Star Comics in Lubbock from 11:00 am – 5:00 pm! If you’re in Lubbock, please help support me and my work and come pick one up! I promise you will enjoy this story. Its some of the best work I’ve ever done!



Southwest Airlines caricature

southwest airlines caricature

Last year was the 35th anniversary for Southwest Airlines. My favorite airlines. I did several events for them to commemorate the event. One thing was to draw all of the employees from our local airline hub. This is probably the most faces I’ve tried to squeeze into one drawing. I was pretty happy with how they all turned out. I hear it went over well with the crew.

My favorite part from these gigs, was getting to go behind the scenes at the airports. Its like a whole otherworld back there. Pretty cool!

Check out my caricature site www.looneylines.com if you’d like to get a caricature done!