World Art Drop Day

Today I participated in World Art Drop Day. What is World Art Drop Day? Its where artists around the world make and hide artwork for others to find and post online using the hashtag #artdropday to share their discoveries with the world. I hid 8 different little painted sketch cards around the Oceanside/Encinitas area. And all of my sketch cards were found pretty quickly.

I scanned the art before hiding it, here they are for you all to enjoy. It was a fun day. I kind of want to do Art Drops all the time now. Especially when I travel. I think I’ll keep that in mind.

Since I’ve been learning gouache paints lately I wanted to use this as an opportunity to practice doing quick little paint sketches. These first two took me about 40 minutes each. Then I wanted to speed it up a bit so I went to my favorite go-to… adorable monsters and trees. Which turned out much better with paints than I’d expected. And it suddenly reminded me of a lot of my favorite children’s books growing up. Its gouache. The medium of choice for children’s book illustrators for the longest time. So that makes sense.

So it was a fun experience all around.





Drawing at the Watts Atelier

I am living in Southern California now and I’ve been taking classes recently at the Jeff Watts Atelier of the arts. I’ve been keeping a video blog of my progress. I’ve learned so much especially about painting with Gouache watercolors.

Week 1 video

Week 2 video

Week 3 and 4 video

Week 5 video

And be sure to check out this Watts Atelier Orientation video

Draw with Jazza

I was interviewed recently by Josiah Brooks of the Draw with Jazza channel on youtube. It was a fun little interview and I really enjoyed it.

I also did a cartoon version of Jazza in video form. Check it out and be sure to subscribe to his channel!


10-Day Art Sale!

I have some exciting announcements! One of which is that I’m MOVING TO CALIFORNIA! I am very excited. And I can use your help. I’m having a 10-day Art Sale on my online store. If you’ve ever wanted to buy some of my art, this is a good time to do it! Everything is 30% off until June 9th! Use CODE: 10day for the discount!