How long does it take to get good at something?

They say it takes 10,000 hours to get good at doing something. As an artist thats 10,000 drawings… For comics 10,000 pages…  The best advice I can offer is to find a way to have fun doing those 10,000 drawings.

If you had to walk 10,000 steps and tried to count every single one… you would be miserable. But if you walked those steps with friends and did fun things along the way, you wouldn’t even notice how quickly they went by. So have fun, play, make yourself laugh! And by all means, try to enjoy the journey.

The ART and the ARTIST

The ART and the ARTIST

World Art Drop Day

Today I participated in World Art Drop Day. What is World Art Drop Day? Its where artists around the world make and hide artwork for others to find and post online using the hashtag #artdropday to share their discoveries with the world. I hid 8 different little painted sketch cards around the Oceanside/Encinitas area. And all of my sketch cards were found pretty quickly.

I scanned the art before hiding it, here they are for you all to enjoy. It was a fun day. I kind of want to do Art Drops all the time now. Especially when I travel. I think I’ll keep that in mind.

Since I’ve been learning gouache paints lately I wanted to use this as an opportunity to practice doing quick little paint sketches. These first two took me about 40 minutes each. Then I wanted to speed it up a bit so I went to my favorite go-to… adorable monsters and trees. Which turned out much better with paints than I’d expected. And it suddenly reminded me of a lot of my favorite children’s books growing up. Its gouache. The medium of choice for children’s book illustrators for the longest time. So that makes sense.

So it was a fun experience all around.





Drawing at the Watts Atelier

I am living in Southern California now and I’ve been taking classes recently at the Jeff Watts Atelier of the arts. I’ve been keeping a video blog of my progress. I’ve learned so much especially about painting with Gouache watercolors.

Week 1 video

Week 2 video

Week 3 and 4 video

Week 5 video

And be sure to check out this Watts Atelier Orientation video

Hayao Miyazaki Interview

Hayao Miyazaki Interview

Do you think you can be a good comic artist and raise a family and kid in the same time or you have to choose ?



sure, lots of great artists have kids. I feel like it would only give you more to talk about in your work. 

not that I’m gonna have kids though. 

Yeah, it is possible but it changes your entire life. I finished the third North World book in anticipation of my first born, however I got about 75 pages into a planned four book series and I completely and literally lost the plot. My daughter would typically take 20 minutes of outright sobbing to get to sleep, and that on top of working at a soul-crushing job equaled that I just could not do it. The story was shelved and I rediscovered video games for a few years.

Then she started sleeping better, I started working nights and being alone for hours in silence and io9 did a review of North World and kicked my butt into gear. Penultimate Quest 1 was drawn in anticipation of my son and the second volume was drawn despite his occasional sleepless nights (but he goes to sleep great, thank you, Lord).

Because I drew before and through this time I feel far more confident about continuing to draw even as I have now passed the 30 year mark. Also thanks to my son I can reflect on the lost years as being pretty understandable. Kids are draining, but also wonderful. Similar to comics.

Draw with Jazza

I was interviewed recently by Josiah Brooks of the Draw with Jazza channel on youtube. It was a fun little interview and I really enjoyed it.

I also did a cartoon version of Jazza in video form. Check it out and be sure to subscribe to his channel!