Wondercon 2018

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March 13, 2018

Hello Friends! After a long hiatus from doing BIG Comic conventions, I am bravely stepping back into it with my first...

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How to get GOOD at drawing


January 20, 2018

I made a mini-comic to answer the question I get more than any other....

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How to get OUT of a drawing FUNK

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February 12, 2016

Have you ever been so much in a Funk that you just cant bring yourself to do the thing you love doing more than...

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Daddy Duty Doodle


February 5, 2016

Its been a while since I updated my site. Not sure if anyone even visits websites anymore. Either way I gave it a...

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NEW Videos EVERY Friday!

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January 29, 2016

If you’re a fan of my YOUTUBE channel I have some good news! I’m going to start posting videos EVERY friday...

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Lubbock-Con 2016

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January 28, 2016

If you are in Lubbock or West Texas I am going to be a guest LUBBOCK-CON Saturday Feb 20th. Its a great locally run...

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March 20, 2015

I posted a new Speed sketching video of a guy I saw in the Las Vegas Airport. He seemed so happy-go-lucky, a little bit...

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How long does it take to get good at something?


January 13, 2015

They say it takes 10,000 hours to get good at doing something. As an artist thats 10,000 drawings… For comics...

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